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About Place Gallery

Reckoned Art Gallery in Melbourne, Australia

Art is among the most impactfulforms of visual stimulation. Whether it is a painting, sculpture or a photograph, art has the power to bring change and promote cultural advancement in a society.

At Place Gallery we exhibit contemporary artwork by established and emerging living artists in Melbourne. We host exhibitions, workshops, competitions and various other events at our gallery for the general public, collectors, artists and students. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of awe, inspiration and pleasure through our exhibits. If you come and visit Place Gallery, we guarantee you will have a gala time.

Our art gallery is always in tune with the current cultural scenarios which is why we exhibit work by artists influenced by real life situations and events. Thus, you can find art that resonates with you at our gallery and enjoy it with family or friends. We believe in showing art that moves people emotionally and gets conversations going. So, explore our art gallery in Melbourne (VIC) to find beautiful artwork and meet people with the same interests as you.

View Art From Home

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists and there are restrictions imposed by the Government of Victoria, we have evolved and now offer the option for art collectors, artists, students and art lovers to attend exhibitions, workshops, club meeting and more at home. Here is what we do

  • Host virtual tours of the galleries
  • Conduct online exhibitions
  • Art workshops for kids
  • Art workshops for adults
  • Online art sales
  • Zoom club meetings
  • Host virtual art workshops
  • Live streaming of art rooms and events
  • Virtual art competitions

Our live virtual tours are popular across Victoria. It helps art lovers, independent artists and collectors to showcase and explore unique collections from the comfort of their home. Our guided virtual tours will give you the same experience as you are in our exhibition event. The only difference is that you are safe at home during the health emergency. We are also planning to introduce more features to this virtual tour to help you enjoy the entire exhibition online. You can check out great art masterpieces in our virtual tours and enjoy the excellent views and great gallery exhibits. Find your favourite artists here and look at the beautiful paintings and collections and revel in the beauty and creativity of artwork. You will be able to enjoy some good artistic work and find creative paintings that will make you feel a connection with the artists. You will also be able to connect with various artists and learn more about different art forms.


Upcoming Exhibitions

Julia’s Illustrations of Giraffes

OCT 1, 2021 - OCT 31, 2021

Andrew’sColourful Abstracts

Nov 1, 2021–Nov 15, 2021

Kate’s Grime Stokes Paintings

Dec 12, 2021–Dec 24, 2021


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What’s Up


30 Sep
Melbourne Fringe Festival 2021

A place for artists to display their creations and get recognition. The festival is one of the biggest platforms for artists to participate in various programs. Money for Art is a popular program through which artists get commission opportunities and cash earning work to relieve financial pressure and earn a livelihood.

13 May
Disney: The Magic of Animation opens (ACMI)

Explore Disney’s 100 years of animation creativity and innovation. The event started on 13th may 2021. It is supposed to end by 17th October 2021, but it is going to beextended. Currently, the sale of tickets is paused due to COVID-19 and you can check the ACMI website for further updates.

17 Feb
Melbourne Art Fair 2022

An annual art fair in Melbourne, Victoria showcasing works by living artists in Australia.The event is owned and operated by the Melbourne Art Foundation and various prominent art galleries take part in it to promote and support Australian artists.

More Than 500 Exhibits!

We believe variety is the spice of life. Thus, every day more and more exhibits are added to collections on displace in our art gallery in Melbourne. Do not wait! Buy a ticket now.

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