What are the Different Forms of Art?

There is no denying the fact that art is a highly diverse subject. It is seen differently by everyone and created from many separate mediums. However, one of the major points of art is that it is a form of expression. This holds true despite the category it falls into. But when people talk about arts, they can typically categorised into one of the few art forms. These art forms are widely accepted as the “common collective” definition of the term “arts”. It is true that art does not have one single definition, which makes it subjective. It has plenty of definitions, and different people think differently about art. It has two completely different meanings for two different people. This makes it important to know the different art forms, especially if you want to become an artist and visit a beautiful art gallery in Melbourne. Here are the different forms of art.

1. Painting

Typically, when people hear the term “art”, paintings are the first thing that comes to their mind. A major reason behind this is that painters are a few of the most well-known artists. A lot of them use painting as a form of meditation. Plus, painting is commonly taught in the majority of schools all around the world. You can think of this form of art as simply expressing your artistic vision and developing through numerous ways, such as utilising diverse types of paint and tools. Paints typically come in one of the three consistencies including watercolour, oil, and acrylic. However, that does not limit what an artist can use. Materials like pencils, chalk, dyes, and other similar ones are also available. You can apply them in many different ways on a solid surface.

2. Sculpture

Sculpture is another form of visual art. They are not new by any means because they date back throughout history. In fact, they are likely one of the oldest art forms to exist alongside of course, painting. The Great Sphinx is considered the oldest sculpture to ever exist, which is why it is recognisable. Put simply, a sculpture is about creating a three-dimensional figure using some common materials like stone, clay, metal, wood and ceramics. But, contemporary artists who are interested in this art form have become very creative. They make use of things like glass, sand, paper, and many different mediums.

3. Architecture

This is one of those art forms that people see every single day. It is just that most people do not appreciate it fully or consider it as an art form. In simple terms, architecture is the art of structures. Even though you can relate it to a few of the very first sheltered spaces that were built, architecture is often related to structures such as bridges. The Great Pyramids is just one example of many well-known ancient global structures. The Sydney Opera House is an example of a more modern landmark.

Wrapping Up

Becoming an artist can prove to be fun yet rewarding. This is why many people nowadays are pursuing it. However, before doing that, it is important to know the popular forms of art, such as the ones mentioned in this article.

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