Nov 20, 2021 – Nov 25, 2021

Abstract Art Workshops

Michael Wells is an art teacher with 15 years of experience and a fine arts graduate from the University of Melbourne. He has gracefully accepted our offer to conduct a five day workshop to teach the principles of abstract painting and more. We have booked one of our art rooms for the workshops and the option for attending virtually is also available. You can book tickets for the event in advance so keep an eye on the website to see when the booking starts.

Oct 1, 2021 – Oct 31, 2021

LiveVirtual Tours

At Place Gallery we understand the importance of maintaining social distancing to break the chain of transmission of COVID-19. Thus, with the help of experienced and skilled team, we are conducting livevirtual tours to help collectors and art lovers explore our collections from the comfort of their home. These are guided virtual tours the same as we have when you come and visit he gallery personally. The only difference is it is online and you have to get slots. To ensure the experience is fulfilling and you don’t miss any details, we use high-resolution cameras and our guides from steady commentary.

Nov 1, 2021 – Nov 30, 2021

Floral Universe Exhibition

Explore our popular collection by Julia Mendes who is a budding artist from Melbourne, Victoria. She is the artist of the month for November and we will displace her ‘Floral Universe’ collection. Julia started painting and showing her work in 2018 and in a short span of time, her paintings have garnered a nice audience. We have showed her work previously at our art gallery and her art has received positive reviews from our visitors and buyers. To explore her collection, you can gettickets from our website when the booking is open.

Dec 15, 2021 – Dec 24, 2021

Artwork on Wall Collection

This unique collection is slated to be on display at our art gallery in Melbourne (VIC). Mathew James created this collection especially for our gallery. He is a local artist with good reviews from art collectors. He usually creates artwork suitable for commercial settings and buildings but you can get his wall collection pieces for your home as well. In this collection, he has painted different small artworks that look excellent independently but come together wonderfully when displaced on any wall.

Dec 18, 2021 – Dec 31, 2021

Silhouette Trees Photo Collection

We are going to exhibit a series of black and white photographs to bring out the silhouettes of trees. Through these photos,Michaela Jones the artist wanted to bring out the silent beauty of trees.This collection is similar to her previous works in which has taken black and white photographsof variousobjects like the plants, roads, technology, sky etc. Her purpose is to create an impact without colours.

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