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You are welcome to become a member of the Place Gallery Club to support, collect and appreciateart by some of the best and promising artists in Melbourne (VIC).

Our directors startedthe PG Club in the year 2015, two years after the launch of the gallery to encouragemore people to connect with artists and create a community that loves arts and helps in its distributions. Another aim of the club was to provide premium services to members and ensure they can enjoy beautiful collections anytime.

Benefits of joining our club are numerousas we run our gallery with integrity, passion and an undying love for fine arts. If you choose to be a part of the PG Club, you can get unlimited access t exhibitions, preference while booking, early access to exhibits, special prices onartwork, free subscription to our monthly newsletter and much more. All you need to do is explore our membership plan and choose one that suits you the best.

$100 year

Individual Plan

Like to explore art solo? Get our individual membership plan to browse through our gallery without having to chit-chat with anyone. Get invited to member only events, exclusive access to the lounge area, free coat checks and much more via this plan.

$120 Year

Member +Guest Plan

Wish to bring a guest along but not the same one everytime? Sign up for our member andguestplan. You can enjoy all the benefits of the individual plan and get tobringyour partner, family member, friend or any other guest anytime the gallery is open.

$45 Year

Student Plan

Being a student it is already costly to manage your daily expenses which is why we want art students to have a cheap membership plan. Thus, students can explore artwork, get inspiration, and shape their careers. This plan allows students to have the same benefits as the individualplan and get counselling too.

$120 Year

Dual Plan

Get a dual member plan if you want to share the membership with your partner. This plan is beneficial as you and the other member get the privileges of the individual plan at a much cheaper rate. This way you both get to pay only $60 instead of $100.

$150 Year

Family Plan

Love to see art with your family? Get a family membership plan for that allows you to register 5 individuals. It is the best for people who want to support and appreciate art with their loved ones.You can get this plan with parents, siblings, cousins, and even your close friends.

$200 Year

VIP Plan

Want to become a premium member of the club? Then get the VIP plan to have access to select events, income tax receipts and various other benefits. You also get free meals, giveaways, car parking privileges,voting rights, bring up to two guests and do much more, as our VIP member.

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