Why Making Art Is The New Meditation

Visual art like paintings and sculptures have been a way of expression and education since prehistoric times. It is believed that humans have always used it to tell stories, teachings, warnings, concepts, and much more. Thus, it is normal for us to feel the need to create as it is among the best ways of expression. Considering the modern world is so stressful, and everyone is overwhelmed with work, it is no wonder that art has emerged as the new form of meditation.

It’s A Medium Of Self-Connection

Many people that paint, make sculptures, or take photographs experience they can connect with their inner emotions better. It is because art provides an outlet to escape your reality and create something that is unique and yours. Thus, art is healing for many people, and it helps them feel self-connected. Even science proves that art affects your state of mind and brings stability, improves cognitive responses, betters your mood. When you treat art as a form of meditation, you see how powerful and effective it is. Your mind is active during the process, and it gets a positive exercise that helps release endorphins. What’s more, you feel your emotions and can express them in a non-verbal way which is cathartic for many people because they find it hard to articulate their feelings through words.

It Provides Freedom Of Expression

In real life, it is hard to say what is on your mind all the time. You have to think of many things, which is why for people creating art is a form of expression, and it gives them the freedom to say whatever they want. It helps promote creative activity and convey their emotions without going through the burden of articulating words.
Helps You Become Focused & Stable
Art requires you to steady your mind and focus on creation. Therefore, many people say they feel stable and calm while painting, making a sculpture or doing any other artist activity. Since you are mentally and physically stimulated and need to concentrate during a project, it is natural that art helps you focus and become centred.

The Bottom Line

If you are constantly stressed due to personal or professional commitments, try to relax and express yourself via art. It is a great way to feel centred and focused and let go of all the anxiety, sadness, anger or irritation you are feeling.

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