Everything You Need To Know About The Melbourne Art Fair

The Melbourne Art Fair is among the biggest events in the city. It is an annual event that features works of established and emerging artists. Melbourne Art Fair is an important event on the Australasian cultural calendar, as it brings critical and commercial attention to art galleries and artists showcasing their work in these establishments. The fair has impacted art and expanded cultural education for over 30 years. It serves as an international platform where Australian artists get support and promotion for their contemporary art. At the Melbourne Art Fair, you can view legendary, moving and new works by creators from the most respected galleries in the city. The event was conducted in 2021, and it is returning in 2022. It is slated to happen at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The mission of the fair has always been to foster the development of contemporary art for regular and new audiences. It is a huge event that you should definitely attend, as government partners like The Australia Council for the Art and Creative Victoria support it.

Event Origin & Melbourne Art Foundation

A group of renowned art galleries in the city started the Melbourne Art Fair in 1988, and it is owned and operated by the Melbourne Art Foundation (MAF). This organisation is a significant supporter of living artists. Besides the propagation of MAF, the Art Galleries Association of Australia (AAGA), Australia Council for the Arts and Creative Victoria back the event. Thus, the fair has continuously been hosted every year for more than three decades. It is important to note that Melbourne Art Foundation was established in 2003. It is a non-profit organisation that serves the needs of galleries, artists, art collectors, and the general public that enjoys and loves art. The primary aim of the foundation is to promote communication and build national and international audiences. Plus, it is a harness for commercial, social, cultural and environmental aspects of art. In addition to sponsoring and managing the Melbourne Art Fair, the foundation works round the year for the living artists of Australia. It helps promote public discussions and the development of newer appreciators of art.

More About Melbourne Art Fair 2022

The event will happen from 17 to 20 February 2022, and it is Australasia’s hot forum for modern-day art and ideas. For the event, the coordinators have shared the list of established and credible galleries that will be a part of the fair in the summer. Thus, you can expect the event to have solo shows by iconic and new artists. The area of the events is approximately 7,000sqm at the DCM designed Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. In addition to the fair, there will be conversation programs, special projects, performances and commission work to support the showcasing and purchasing of modern art.

The Bottom Line

The Melbourne Art Fair is one of the most important events charted on the Australian Cultural Calendar. It is a platform for contemporary art created by emerging and established living artists in the city. Thus, do plan to visit the event when it happens in February 2022.

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