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  Lachlan PETRAS

Lachlan Petras CV (PDF)

Lachlan PETRAS
8 May to 1 June 2013

Lachlan Petras’ practice is a search for the unexpected: of configurations, of events, experiences and affects. The aim is to alter or shift understandings of matter, technology, time and space.

Intensive sketches and drawings, made nocturnally, exploring ideas at small scale, are usual precursors to development of sculpture in the studio. These means are sometimes complemented by videoed performance in unusual, often bureaucratically and structurally corralled technology, intensive physical and physiological test facilities. 

Usually the notion of the test or trial constitutes the ground of the work: fundamentally a site of conflict and contestation that yields material results. The observed test or trial is a situation that oscillates between the unknown, control, ambition, competition, success and failure. Sometimes Petras’ body is the medium for testing through performance, which is recorded using various parameters and videoed and analysed. Through an autodidactic approach to science and technology, Petras subjectively examines spaces and structures and phenomena.

Lachlan Petras was born in Melbourne in 1989. Educated at Monash University, he graduated with first class honours in fine arts in 2011. He was awarded an Arts Start Grant in 2013 by the Australia Council. In 2012 he received the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art’s Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize awarded across all Australian graduating artists in that year. Lachlan has also been awarded the Linden Centre for Contemporary Art Award (2012), Place Gallery Award (2011), Arc One Gallery Award (2011) and the Trocadero Art Space Award (2011).

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