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  Emmet O’DWYER
21 November to 15 December 2012

These two sets of images are part of a series of prints I’m making.

One, a series of lithographs, presents my imaginings of what the future, post climate-change, may look like. I wanted to explore a few possible scenarios that may occur in the coming years that are less negative and I hope more interesting than those which are often presented in the media. I focused on the strange new life forms that may evolve to deal with habitats and problems that could exist in a dramatically changed world.

The second group are linocuts in which I’ve designed a group of somewhat mediocre superheroes and other characters, inhabitants of a parallel world I’m in the process of creating.

I choose to produce prints as I enjoy being able to create multiple copies of the pictures, letting me distribute them further than a single drawing. I also appreciate each method’s technical qualities: stone lithographs for the ability to draw onto stone and work back into the image; linocuts for their boldness and simplicity of production.


Emmet O’Dwyer