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  Helen FULLER

I enjoy the direct pleasure of the hands on making with the clay. I hand build, rolling my sausages and coiling them into vessel forms which evolve from the direct process of just getting on with the business of making.

The forms become like a blank canvas for application of decorative elements either by painting or using leaves from my dead flowers collected from the vase on the kitchen table.

I prefer the dull unglazed surfaces rendering the forms more sculptural akin to still life painted objects.

I choose not to concern with perfecting the forms, rather allowing them to reveal their direct, inner ‘nature’….primitive responses. Sometimes when coiling, I reflect the domestic practice of knitting, crochet, basketry and trawl memories locked into early explorations of childhood growing up in an Adelaide backyard….1950’s.

Helen Fuller
JamFactory Studio, Adelaide

Helen Fuller 2009 Exhibition
Helen Fuller 2006 Exhibition
Helen Fuller 2004 Exhibition