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Danny Frommer CV (PDF)

If it ain’t broke
26 September to 20 October 2012

IF IT AIN’T BROKE, don’t fix it, carry on as usual or throw it away…

This show was inspired by an image I saw of a technician fixing a faulty CT scanner.
I liked the idea that technology used to prolong life also needs routine maintenance

The installation is loosely based on a private surgery /Frankenstein-ian laboratory in which the doctor/scientist is somewhat absent, but has the façade of being present through his lo-fi avatar.  The subject-patient is present, albeit in parts, awaiting configuration.

My practice involves taking things apart - particularly machines, as a means of finding out how they work. It also involves, fabricating, maintaining, machining, assembling and altering components that are often found, recycled, organic, synthetic machine made and/or hand made. I apply engineering processes to things not normally “engineered” in order to create semi-functional (i.e. “due for service”), aberrations.

Danny Frommer
Melbourne, 2012