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Tick went the brick
1 August to 25 August 2012

Transcribing the stories and observations of everyday life, the narrative formed in these works is shaped and selected via a culmination of years of learning, restraint, control and attention. Stemming from an on-going body of work, the images for this exhibition have been guided by research into the history of the humble brick amongst other ordinarily unseen everyday objects that have fostered the growth of towns, cities and civilisations. Slightly betraying the history of the world, each image forms a tapestry of reconstruction and restoration of information sieved from the found, sourced and observed.

These images are not the invention of an innocent browser, but the result of pragmatic visual compromises and continued experimentation. Part of an engaging journey, these works reconstruct a system of interconnected experiences mapped out to form a narrative based around simple life experience and observation.

The pursuits of image making have often gone hand in hand with hours of reading, writing, drawing and standing still. The story presented here represents some of the longer-held preoccupations with urban existence.

Brian Spiteri
Melbourne 2012


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